About Abkhazia
The Republic of Abkhazia (Ausny) is a sovereign, democratic, rule-of-law state, historically affirmed by the people's right to free self-determination.

Official name:

The Republic of Abkhazia (Aҧsny Aҳәıntқarra)


Sukhum (Aҟәa)

Administrative-territorial division:

The territory of Abkhazia is divided into 7 administrative regions: Gagra, Gudautsky, Sukhum, Gulryshsky, Ochamchyr, Tkuarchal, Gal.

Official language:

The official language - Abkhazian, Russian language along with Abkhazian is recognized as the language of interethnic communication.


The overwhelming majority of believing Abkhazians are Christians, an insignificant part of the population professes traditional religion, Islam and Catholicism.

Currency unit:

Monetary unit of RA is the ruble (rub)


242 826


The total area is 8665 sq.km. The length of the territory from west to east is more than 170 km; from the south to the north - 65 km. The total length of the borders is about 600 km. Of these, 390 km are land and 210 km are sea borders.

The highest mountain peak:

Dombai-Ulgen (4049 m)


Abkhazia occupies the territory bounded from the north by slopes of the Main Caucasian Range, from the south - by the Black Sea coast. In the west, along the Psou River, Abkhazia borders with the Russian Federation, in the east, along the Ingur River - with Georgia.