Sukhum international film festival - SIFF

Article 1

With the aim of developing cultural exchange between different countries and supporting young cineasts from all over the world the second Sukhum international film festival will be conducted in Sukhum on April 18-22 2019.

Article 2

The objective of the festival is the presentation of pieces of screen, support of creative endeavour of masters and young cineasts, popularisation of cinematograph.

The programme of activities of the Festival and the order of demonstration of films is to be determined by the Direction of the Festival

Article 3

The Programme of the Festival includes:

· The main competition of short films;

· Master-classes, meet-the-artists sessions with famous cineasts;

· Press-conferences;

· Sneak previews;

· Entertainment programme.

Article 4

The selection of films to participate in SIFF will be conducted by the Selection commission, which is to be approved by the Direction of the Festival.

The application forms for participation in the Film Festival should be sent via email or by Filmfreeway platform.

The deadline for all application forms is February 20, 2019.

The films that will be included to the Main competition of the Festival will be announced no later than March 15, 2019.

Article 5

40 films will participate in the Main competition of the SIFF.

Only short films which were produced in 2018 or 2019 are to participate in the competition program of the Festival.

The maximum runtime of short films is 30 minutes, the minimum runtime is 10 minutes.

No unveiling criteria is applied, but the international and world premiers are preferred.

Article 6

The assessment of competition films is to be conducted by the created International Jury of the main competition.

The Jury of the main competitions consists of 5 people: producer, director, actor, screenwriter and director of cinematography. One of the members of the Jury will be and Abkhaz cineast.

People who participated in the creation or commercial rental of the participating films cannot become members of the Jury.

The Direction of the SIFF will defray all expenses related to participation of each member of the Jury in the festival along with the attendant.

Article 7

The International Jury awards the following prizes – statuettes and monetary awards to the films of the Main contest:

- Grand prix for the Best picture (monetary award of 200 000 Rub)

- Second place (monetary award of 100 000 Rub)

- Third place (monetary award of 50 000 Rub)

- Audience Choice Award

- Best actor

- Cinematography

- Screenplay

- Directing

- Sponsors’ and partners’ awards

It is expected that the nominees will personally participate in the award ceremony.

Article 8

The copies of the films that will participate in the Festival should be sent to the Direction of the SIFF no later than March 20, 2019.

The short films should be sent in .mov or .mp4 format.

The films for demonstration in the Competition of the Festival should be in the original language, but with English subtitles.

The following documents should be sent along with the films:

      · A signed and stamped Agreement on transmission of rights of public use (demonstration) of audiovisual product;

- Store outline (synopsis) , promotional materials, press-materials;

- Promotional video, film frames, film poster;

- Information about the authors of the film, photographs, including the photograph of the director and film slides).

Each film should not be screened more than three times during the Festival , including the press screening

Article 9

The copies of the films selected for competitive and official programme of the Festival should not include any promotional materials attached to the films. In case of their presence, the Direction of the Festival reserves the right not to screen the film.

The copies of the films should be collected from the Direction of the Festival no later than April 30, 2019. The Direction does not hold responsibility for further preservence of the movies.

Article 10

The questions of guest invitation, terms and duration of their stay and accreditation at the Festival are regulated by the Direction of SIFF.

The direction of SIFF fronts the following costs:

· Return fares and 5 day accomodation of 1 representative of the film of the main short film contest (director, producer, script writer or actor ) ;

The conditions of stay of other guests of the Festival will be regulated in their personal invitations.

Article 11

The issues of invitation of guests and participants of the Festival, the terms and duration of their stay and their accreditation are to be regulated by the Direction. The participation at the expense of the Direction of the Festival is possible only in case an agreement is signed with the Direction of the Festival, and all boarding passes are presented to the direction ( in case the Direction covers the travel expenses).

In this case the representatives of the production team are obliged to participate in the presentation of the film on the screening say and in the press-conference related to the screening of the film.

The Direction reserves the right to invite guests irrespective of their direct involvement in participating films production. The conditions of their stay at the Festival are to be regulated in their personal invitation letters.

The direction has the right to invite cultural, art, film and entertainment luminaries, the representatives of business elite to participate in the Festival

The Direction can make a decision to deprive of accreditation any accredited party and limit their presence at the activities of the Festival without assigning any reasons.

Article 12

Mass media should address the Press service of the Festival the accreditation request (signed and stamped by the Head of the news agency) for their correspondents that will be covering the activities of the Festival. The accreditation requests should be sent between 15 March  and 15 April of 2019.

The accreditation requests should include the following documents in order to be approved:

· The accreditation request on headed paper signed and stamped by the head of the news agency, which should include the name of the assigned journalist, copy of the certificate of the news agency and number of the news agency registration licence.

The Direction reserves the right to decline the accreditation request without assigning reasons.

The Direction reserves the right to invite some journalists to participate in the festival and fully or partially cover their expenses for the term established by the Direction but only under the condition of signing an Agreement with the Direction and providing of boarding passes in case the Direction pays for their flights.

In this case the journalists are obliged to participate on every press-conference and film screening.

The Festival reserves the right to decline the accreditation request of the journalist/correspondent without providing reasons.

The direction of the Festival has the right to deprive any journalist of accreditation and limit their presence at the Film Festival without providing reasons behind such decision.

The Direction of the Festival does not cover the expenses of the journalist assigned to cover the Festival by his agency. The expenses are to be covered but the news agency.

Article 13

The accreditation cards for journalists, participant, guests, film entrepreneurs can be received in the Festival center.

Article 14

All terms and deadlines are mandatory. In case the terms and deadlines are not met, the Direction reserves the right to expel the film from the programme of the Festival.