Short films by directors from Kosovo and France share the SIFF-2019 prize

Said Bargandzhia

Immediately two short films by directors from Kosovo and France - “She” and “Monsieur Enderson” became the winners of the Grand Prix at the Second Sukhum International Film Festival SIFF-2019. This was announced at the closing ceremony of the festival on Monday, April 8.

Председатель жюри SIFF-2019, российский режиссер и продюсер Алексей Федорченко

The winners were awarded a cash reward of 150 thousand rubles. According to the chairman of the jury, the Russian film director and producer Alexey Fedorchenko, the decision to divide the main prize between the two participants was not easy. The works claiming victory, was “vigorously discussed for about three hours” by the experts.

“Both films have become worthy of the grand prix. This is a social art film and a witty, subtle genre film,” the jury chairman said.

Обладатель гран-при SIFF-2019 режиссер фильма «Она» («AJO») Мора Рака (More Raça)

In her film, “She”, the director from Kosovo, More Raça, tells about the difficult fate of women. In the center of the picture is a young girl, Zana, who wants to avoid an early marriage arranged by her father. The scenario appeared not by chance: in addition to cinematography, the director is actively engaged in the promotion and protection of women in Kosovo.

Thomas Scohy's short film “Monsieur Enderson” is a comedy, the main character of which is Auguste Loiseau and who is an embalmer by profession. When he comes for the body of a certain Mr. Enderson to his house, he meets his daughter, a very unusual girl. Thomas Scohy is a self-taught director, former engineer. He learned to shoot in student associations and then took private lessons.

Обладатель гран-при SIFF-2019 режиссер фильма «Месье Эндерсон» («Monsieur Henderson») Тома Скои (Thomas Scohy)

The prize of the third degree was awarded by the international film festival jury to the director Anton Mamykin for the short film “White on Black”. One day the hero of this story confesses his wife to cheating, after which strange things begin to happen to him: he works in the mine, but the dirt does not stick to him, he remains perfectly clean.

Обладатель премии SIFF-2019 за III место российский режиссер фильма «Белым по черному» Антон Мамыкин

Awards were also given for the best male and best female roles. The owners were Fabio Rizutto from Italy (film "Windmills") and the young actress Lucia Diez, who played in the Spanish film “Rag Doll”.

The best director of the festival was Maria Polyakova (film “Journey to Paris”), the best director of photography - Igor Markovich (film “Vine”). The audience award went to the film “Frank” of the Belarusian director Mitriy Semenov-Aleinikov.

Обладатель приза SIFF-2019 за Лучшую режиссуру Мария Полякова в фильме «Путешествие в Париж»

At the film festival, the only Abkhaz film “Guest” by a young director Dzhano Tsurtsumiya, based on the short story by the famous Abkhaz writer Mikha Lacrba, was presented.

“It is wonderful that in Abkhazia, for the second year already, an international film festival has been held, which brings together directors from different countries of the world. People come and learn about Abkhazia,” said Tsurtsumia.

In 2019, the geography of the competition expanded significantly, said the film festival producer Zanda Kakalia. She believes that the completed festival “pleased its audience with a rich palette of the submitted paintings.”

“We are especially responsible for the selection: there were more than 3000 applications for participation, and we watched each film. It was nice to see a large number of viewers, there were more of them than last year,” said Kakalia.

The international film festival SIFF-2019 was held in Sukhum for the second time. This year the competition received about 3000 applications, of which 30 short films from Spain, France, Germany, South Korea, Poland, Kosovo, Iran, Estonia, Tunisia, Italy, Romania, Greece, China, Kazakhstan, Andorra, Turkey, Russia, Belarus and Abkhazia were selected.